We currently offer one to one tuition to all ages and at all levels on the following instruments:

  • Sax
  • Flute
  • Clarinet
  • Trumpet
  • Cornet
  • Horn
  • Trombone
  • All other brass instruments

We also offer Beginner - Grade 3 tuition on:

  • Piano
  • Keyboard
  • Fiddle

Please contact us to register your interest in instruments not named above.

Our teachers all hold a professional qualification in their chosen instrument, are PVG registered to work with children and have several years teaching experience either in the private sector and/or in schools.

We also have instruments to rent.

See below for information on our Classes.

General Lesson Information

  • Lessons are usually offered on a one to one basis, although in some cases we will offer paired or group tuition to pupils of the same instrument and standard.
  • Students are initially enrolled on an 8 week trial basis. This is to be sure that both the teacher and the pupil are happy with the content, structure, level of progress made and the amount of practice being undertaken between lessons, before being fully enrolled on a permanent basis at the school.
  • Lessons are an hour long on a weekly basis and largely in term time only (a total of 40 weeks per year). Shorter lessons may be arranged for younger pupils but the weekly arrangement is compulsory in order to make satisfactory progress.
  • We also now offer lessons via Skype for students who live too far away to travel each week to the School. Please click here for more details.

Lesson Content

All students are taught to read music from the outset with playing by ear/from memory and improvisation skills being introduced early to provide a well-rounded musical education. In the early stages, pupils follow a broadly 'classical' method in order to get to grips with the basics and to establish sound technique and theoretical understanding. From approximately Grade 3 standard, lessons will be tailored more towards individual student interests, whether that be folk, classical or jazz for example.

We provide our students with an individually tailored, thorough and well rounded musical education which focuses not only on learning to the play an instrument, but also an in depth understanding of music theory and history. We also place a strong emphasis on independent learning, building confidence in performance and promoting the most effective methods of learning with regard to music as a whole subject but also with relevance to the wider sphere of education.


Students are expected to practise a minimum of five times per week although the length of each practice session will be advised according to age and experience. Students who follow these broad guildelines will achieve the expected rate of progress at the School which is a minimum of two grades per year (even though many students opt not to actually sit the exams, we use the grade system as a broad benchmark against which to mark progress) and some students who already read music and are experienced on other instruments may achieve as much as four grades a year on a subsequent instrument.


We offer all of our students the opportunity to take Graded practical exams through either Trinity or ABRSM exam boards. However, this is by no means compulsory; many of our students opt to take lessons purely as a means of enjoyment. The Music School is extremely proud to retain a 100% pass rate over a period of 12 years of teaching.

As a school we aim to provide a high standard of tuition and pupil attainment and therefore regular attendance and commitment to practice between lessons are fundamental requirements of our students.


Lessons are charged in advance for the 8 week trial period at a rate of £35 per hour (teen/adult lessons) which is a total of £280, or £18 per half hour (child lessons) which is a total of £144 for the entire 8 weeks. This may be paid in advance as one initial payment or in two four week blocks.

Students who show sufficient aptitude and progress to continue beyond the 8 week trial will be enrolled at the School full time. Thereafter, set monthly payments will reduce to the follwing monthly prices as they are inclusive of 12 weeks holiday per year:

£117 per month for individual hourly tuition
£60 per month for individual half hourly tuition
£82 per person per month for hourly group tuition

Payment is requested by standing order in advance at the beginning of each month.

You are expected to attend every lesson. Missed lessons will only be rescheduled in extenuating circumstances and at the discretion of the teacher. This is due to the extremely busy teaching schedules of our teachers. Please also note that we operate a waiting list at busy times.

Please contact us for lesson availability.


In addition to one-one tuition, we are now offering the following classes:

Infant Keyboard Class - Aimed at children aged between 5-8 who are complete beginners.

Theory Class - Ideal for musicians whose theoretical knowledge is behind their practical skills. This is a fast track course advancing pupils from beginner to Grade 5 standard over a period of 18 months. Students often attend this class alongside their practical lessons so that one supplements the other. Classes are fun and interactive and aim to put to practical use the theoretical knowledge covered. Composition and harmony are also covered in this course. Studying theory alongside or even in advance of playing an instrument speeds up overall progress.

Suitable for children aged 11+ and adults.

Samba Band - Now we are settled in our more spacious premises, we will be starting a samba band. This will be open to anyone, regardless of musical knowledge or background. It will be energetic (a great workout!) and great fun!

Recorder Class - Aimed at children aged 4-8, this class is designed to introduce young children to the principles of music reading with a view to - in most cases - progressing on to other instruments at a later stage.

Please contact us to book your place on one of our new classes.