May 2017

I am delighted to announce that a new branch of the Music School will now be opening to serve the Ullapool area. Lessons will commence in Braemore Hall on Friday 12th May! Please contact me asap if you would like to reserve lessons as there are very few slots left available.

April 2017

Congratulations to the following pupils who all achieved merit awards in their recent graded Trinity Exams:

Lucy Chisholm Grade 2 flute
Catriona Macleod Grade 4 flute
Daniella Allori Grade 4 flute

Grade 4 flute

Left to right, above: Lucy Chisholm, Catriona Macleod and Daniella Allori.

March 2017

Congratulations once again to Paul Wilson who performed a flawless rendition of the Haydn Trumpet Concerto in a joint concert at Inverness Cathedral with Ness Sinfonia.

Paul Wilson

Above: Paul Wilson performing Hadyn's Trumpet Concerto. Photo courtesy of Ness Sinfonia.

March 2017

The following pupils took part in the Inverness Music Festival at the end of February:

Euan Leslie on cornet
Sam Burnett on trumpet
Paul Wilson on trumpet
Hannah and Zara Ikeme on piano (duet)

Sam and Euan

Left to right, above: Sam Burnett and Euan Leslie. Courtesy of SPP photographer.

Paul Wilson

Paul Wilson (second from left, above) along with the other finalists at The Inverness Music Festival. Courtesy of SPP photographer.

Well done to all, but particular congratulations go to Euan, Sam and Paul who each came 1st in their competing section. Paul (ATCL), who is a Diploma standard trumpet player (as well as a budding saxophonist!) won The Valerie Fraser Cup before taking part in the final competition along with the winners of each of the other sections.

Paul Wilson

Paul Wilson, above - Winner of the Valerie Fraser Cup. Courtesy of SPP photographer.

December 2016

Congratulations to Sam Burnett who achieved a distinction in Grade 4 Trumpet this term - aged just 10 years old! Sam has been learning trumpet for just two years.

1st September 2016

Samba Band!

We are now looking for recruits for our new samba band! This is open to everyone regardless of musical knowledge or background. It is great fun, very energetic and you are guaranteed to leave with a high feel good factor! Please contact us if you would like to give it a go!

1st September 2016

Theory Class

We will soon be starting a new Theory Class. This is a fast-track interactive and fun course to get you to Grade 5 Theory in 18 months. All theoretical material will be related to specific instruments. Please contact us if you would like to join.

15th August 2016

The Music School has moved ...

... We are delighted to announce that the Music School moved into new premises over the summer of 2016. We are now located in a peaceful rural setting near the village of Kiltarlity 20 minutes west of Inverness. Please see the contact page for directions.

15th August 2016

The Music School reopens ...

Inverness Music School officially opens for the new term in our new premises in Culburnie, near Kiltarlity! Our youngest pupil, Jessica Macfarlane (see photo below), was our first pupil!

Jessica Macfarlane

18th July 2016

Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who attended the very first concert last night in our new premises. It was great to see such a turnout. A lovely relaxing evening was had by all with two of our of our more advanced students concluding their concert. You can view photos from the night in our gallery.

1st July 2016

Congratulations ...

... to Paul Wilson in receiving his LTCL Diploma on Trumpet! Accompanied by Faye Monteith on piano, Paul performed a superb programme of some rarely heard repertoire. A colossal achievement for someone returning to playing after several years!

30th June 2016

Huge congratulations ...

... to Lewis Clarkson and Rosalyn Watson (see photos below) for both achieving marks above 90% in their Grade 8 on Tenor Sax and Flute respectively this year! An outstanding performance achieved through much hard work and dedication over the years at the Music School. They both leave us this year to go to University. Wishing you both the very best of luck for the future.

Lewis Clarkson and Rosalyn Watson

20 August, 2015:

The Music School reopened ...

... after the summer break on Monday 17th August. We are now full to capacity with students but if you would like to reserve a place for either yourself or your child, there will be more spaces becoming available before Christmas. Please contact us to discuss.

17 August, 2015:

Thank you to all who took part ...

... in our summer sax school over the weekend. Lots of laughs(!) as well as rehearsals and workshops on advanced sax techniques.

7 July, 2015:

Congratulations ...

... to one of our tenor saxes Lewis Clarkson for being shortlisted to go through to the final of the Highland Young Musician of the Year Competition. Lewis played a varied programme of music in front of an audience and a panel of three judges and gained vital experience of performing up against the very best young musicians in the Highlands. Lewis will be taking his Grade 8 jazz tenor sax in November before progressing on to study music at university next year.

7 July, 2015:

Congratulations ...

... also go out to our theory class - Heather Wunder, Mhairi Mackenzie and Erica Hansen - who all passed their Grade 5 theory exam back in June. We will be starting a new theory class shortly. If you would like to join, please contact us to reserve a place.

03 April, 2015:

Congratulations ...

I am delighted to announce the following Inverness Music School students have achieved some fantastic and very well deserved results in their recent performing exams. Congratulations go to:

Lewis Clarkson (Distinction Grade 7 Jazz Tenor Sax)
Sylvia Beswick (Merit Grade 3 Clarinet)
Erica Hansen (Distinction Grade 3 Alto Sax)

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you all on your consistent hard work over the last two years and look forward to teaching you for many more to come!

I would also like to wish the very best of luck to the following pupils for their forthcoming exams in June:

Catriona MacLeod (Grade 3 Flute)
Lauren Macdonald (Grade 4 Alto Sax)
Catherine Morrison (Grade 5 Trumpet)
Rosalyn Watson (Grade 7 Flute)

Also, the theory class comprising Heather Wunder, Mhairi Mackenzie and Erica Hansen, who are coming to the end of their 18 month fast-track theory course and will be sitting their Grade 5 Theory exam in June. I have every faith in you!

Lewis Clarkson is also entering the Highland Young Musician of the Year 2015 competition to take place in June. This involves performing a 15 minute programme of contrasting music to a panel of judges to compete against the highest calibre of young musicians in the Highlands.

03 April, 2015:

New Classes Beginning April 2015:

Following interest from current pupils, Inverness Music School intends to run the following courses from April through to July:

Theory Classes
As our fast-track Grade 5 Theory course comes to a close, we are looking to establish two new theory classes:

An all new fast-track course for beginners. You will reach and sit your Grade 5 in 18 months. If you have never studied music theory before and need to get your theory up to the level of your performance skills, or perhaps music theory has always remained a mystery to you, then this course is for you.

Grade 3 to Grade 5 in one year. This course is for more advanced musicians (between Grade 4-8) who may simply need to fill in gaps in their theoretical knowledge with a view of sitting their Grade 5 at the end of the course.

Both courses are interactive, incorporating elements of composition and basic harmony. We place an emphasis on relating the theory we learn to the instrument you play and the real life situations which will require the use of your theoretical skills.

Composition Course
This is designed for those students who have some prior knowledge of composition, keys and cadences. (For beginner composition you would need to take the Beginner Theory Class above.) This course will include an introduction to using Sibelius, one of the leading composition software packages allowing you to input your composition and play it back as you compose.

An Introduction to Protools
This will be a taster hands-on course designed to familiarise you with the software and the basic concepts of recording and editing MIDI and Audio using Protools, the leading digital audio workstation. You will have an opportunity to record yourself and learn how to set up mics as well as understand basic sound engineering concepts before learning how to edit your recordings.

If you are interested in any of the above courses - or any combination of the above courses - or would like details of cost and course times, please contact the music school on

03 April, 2015:

We now are offering instruments to rent.

Please contact us for rental prices on

Skype Tuition

For all brass and woodwind instruments we are now offering lessons via Skype. Whilst this mode of tuition is not suitable for beginners and indeed it can never replace lessons in person, it is particularly useful to those students who live a long distance from Inverness and has been particularly successful when combined with lessons in person once every fortnight.

You will need the following:
A Skype account. Go to to register.
A computer with a good quality microphone and webcam
A high-speed internet connection
A quiet well-lit room where you will not be disturbed

Please contact us to discuss further.

Fiddle Tuition

We have several lesson slots now available for fiddle tuition. These lessons would focus primarily on learning sound technique whilst also widening your tune repertoire. If you have always wanted to get rid of bad habits with your playing technique, we have professional teachers to help you do this. Contact us for more information.

Piano Tuition

We have several new teaching slots available for piano tuition. Please register your interest here.

Classes in Keyboard, Music Theory, Recorder/Whistle/Chalemeau

We are now offering the following classes:

Keyboard Class - Aimed at complete beginners (to approximately Grade 3 standard) for students with no prior knowledge of music reading or practical keyboard skills.

Theory Class - Ideal for musicians whose theoretical knowledge is behind their practical skills. This is a fast track course advancing pupils from beginner to Grade 5 standard over a period of 18 months. Students often attend this class alongside their practical lessons so that one supplements the other. Classes are interactive wherever possible and aim to put to practical use the theoretical knowledge covered. Composition and harmony are also covered in this course.

We have two classes:

Absolute beginner - Grade 3
Grade 3 - 5

Suitable for children aged 11+ and adults.

Recorder/Whistle Class/Chalemeau - Aimed at children aged 4 - 8, this class is designed to introduce young children to the principles of music reading with a view to - in most cases - progressing on to other instruments at a later stage.

Please contact us to book your place on one of our new classes.